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Parenting Resources

These resources are available to parents and educators to help you navigate difficult topics with your children. We've included videos and handouts on subjects related to bullying, suicide, trauma, and other issues kids might face.

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Talking to Kids About Scary Things
Addressing Teasing and Bullying
Parenting in the Storm

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Suicide Resources

Action Steps for Helping Someone in Emotional Pain infographic
Warning Signs of Suicide infographic
African American Youth Suicide article
FAQ About Suicide
Suicide Assessment document

Our Team

Dr. Brian Van Brunt

Brian Van Brunt, Ed.D.

As an internationally recognized expert in behavioral intervention, threat assessment and mental illness, and instructional design, Brian (he/him/his) will bring you the information you need to better protect your school environment from harm. Author of over a dozen books, Brian has spent time as child and family therapist, university professor and a partner at a violence and sexual assault prevention law firm. He currently serves as the national director of behavior and threat management at D-Prep and the president of InterACTT.

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