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D-Prep Safety Division

The Safety Division trains colleges, universities, K-12 schools, law enforcement, and workplaces on issues related to BIT/CARE teams, threat assessment, crisis preparedness and response, emergency operations, behavioral intervention, mental health, diversity, equity and inclusion.

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Pathways Triage

The Pathways triage tool can be used on every case coming before your team to provide an overall risk level and suggested interventions.

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DarkFox Threat

DarkFox is an expert system that collects and organizes data related to a potential violence risk and provides intervention suggestions.

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Alternative Resolution

The D-Prep team offers confidential and impartial alternative resolution services in educational, workplace and law enforcement settings



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In the News

D-Prep's Director of Behavior & Threat Management and the co-author of Understanding and Treating Incels, Dr. Brian Van Brunt, was recently interviewed for an article from Capital New Service entitled "How the incel community became a place of despair and misogyny." Read the article and see other media featuring our team.

Understanding and Treating Incels
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An Educator's Guide to Assessing Threats in Student Writing
Harm to Others
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Just Published!

How to Engage in Difficult Conversations on Identity, Race, and Politics in Higher Education: A Practical Guide for Faculty
Tammy Hodo, Jacques Whitfield, Brian Van Brunt, and Poppy Fitch

How to Engage in Difficult Conversations on Identity, Race, and Politics in Higher Education addresses the polarized political and racialized climate in America today. This resource is designed to better prepare instructors, faculty, higher education staff and administrators to enter into these hard conversations with an improved awareness of contentious issues and how to facilitate, and potentially de-escalate, discussions that are already occurring.

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Starting in August, join the authors for a monthly series of conversations on a variety of topics introduced in the book. Each of these interactive discussions will provide participants with a personal and engaging opportunity to hear directly from the authors on these crucial, and often difficult to discuss, topics. While the book was written with a higher education perspective for administrators, faculty, student affairs, and equity and inclusion teams, the discussions will be inclusive of those working in high schools and other workplaces. Learn more at

Bethany Smith

Bethany Smith

Director of Safety

Brian Van Brunt

Dr. Brian Van Brunt

Director of Behavior & Threat Management

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