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The Safety Division trains K-12 schools, colleges, universities, law enforcement, and workplace on issues related to threat assessment, crisis preparedness, crisis response, emergency operations, behavioral intervention, mental health, diversity, equity and inclusion.


What We Offer

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MERIT active assailant training focuses recognizing and moving away from the violence and giving participants a plan of action.

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Pathways Triage

The Pathways triage tool can be used on every case coming before your team to provide an overall risk level and suggested interventions.

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DarkFox Threat Assessment

DarkFox is an expert system that collects and organizes data related to a potential violence risk and provides intervention suggestions.

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School Site Safety Plans

D-Prep will come to your school site and complete your state and federally mandated school site safety plans, policies and procedures.

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Alternative Resolution

The D-Prep team offers confidential and impartial alternative resolution services in educational, workplace and law enforcement settings

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Response Ready Website

We provide a crisis-ready website for your jurisdiction to be deployed in any emergency. We also provide crisis media training.

DarkFox Training Series

Join Dr. Brian Van Brunt as he hosts a free monthly conversation related to threat and violence risk assessment related to K-12, college, and workplace cases. Brian will be joined by different guests each month to discuss topics related to risk and protective factors, interviewing techniques, deception detection, impression management, social media threat, incels, white supremacy, gatekeeping/triage, behavioral intervention teams, cultural competency, report writing and case management.


These free 45-minute sessions will generally involve 15-20 minutes of instruction followed by conversation on the topic.

DarkFox Den schedule

Understanding Uvalde

December 15, 2022 1:00 ET

Understanding the failures of the past offer insight to better approach future mass shootings. Join Dr. Van Brunt and Jeff Solomon as they walk you through the pre-attack behaviors present in the case using the Pathways triage system as well as DarkFox Violence Risk Assessment. Jeff Solomon will then offer insight on how weaknesses of the physical security measures and law enforcement response during the attack itself. The presenters will offer some clear advice and direct on how schools can prevent scenarios like Uvalde in the future.

Free Webinar:
Title IX and BIT Working Together, A Case Study

Hosted by Courtney Bullard of Institutional Compliance Solutions

with guests Jeff Solomon and Dr. Brian Van Brunt

Title IX and BIT/CARE teams have many important areas of overlap that staff and faculty working in these spaces need to understand. Keeping BIT and Title IX cases apart can lead to breakdowns in gatekeeping, violence risk assessments, and interim/supportive measures. While BIT/CARE cases are not always Title IX cases, we’d like to make the argument that all Title IX cases would benefit from a BIT/CARE lens.

Join us for this free webinar to address the essential points of intersectionality between these two entities, a review of common hotspots and areas of tension, and the importance of adopting a collaborative, team orientated approach within the bounds of state and federal guidelines through a case study approach. We will address three primary areas of concern including:

  1. Ensuring clear reporting structures that keep those in need aware of pertinent case details and interventions.

  2. The benefit of Title IX leaning into BIT/CARE experience with supportive measures (counseling referrals, ADA/504, victim advocacy, financial assistance, no contact directives).

  3. The role of a Safety and Risk Assessments for Emergency Removal under Title IX versus Violence Risk Assessment as it relates to informing risk mitigation and safety recommendations and interventions.

December 1 | 1:00 PM ET

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In the News

D-Prep's Creative Director and the co-author of Understanding and Treating Incels, Dr. Brian Van Brunt, was recently interviewed for an article from Capital New Service entitled "How the incel community became a place of despair and misogyny." Read the article and see other media featuring our team.

Understanding and Treating Incels
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An Educator's Guide to Assessing Threats in Student Writing
Harm to Others
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Jeff Solomon

National Director of Safety

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Dr. Brian Van Brunt

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