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About Us

The D-Prep Safety Division is committed to providing quality trainings, consultation, and thought leadership on a variety of physical security and behavioral safety issues facing schools, colleges, workplaces, and law enforcement. Our instructors are chosen for their content knowledge, ability to engage audiences, and scholarship in their areas of expertise. Trainings are supplemented with unique client resource webpages and threat assessment tools built through expert systems models. We pride ourselves on repeat client experiences and strive to consistently deliver materials above and beyond your expectations.

Since 1997, D-Prep has provided training and consulting services for critical incident response, disaster preparation and emergency response to law enforcement personnel,  K-12 school districts, higher education, local governments, and property management companies nationwide. We have taught over 70,000 law enforcement and civilian students who consistently evaluate ours amongst the highest rated classes currently being offered.

Our Work

White Supremacist Violence
Brief BITs
An Educator's Guide to Assessing Threats in Student Writing
The Book on BIT
Understanding and Treating Incels
Best BITs
Ending Campus Violence
A Faculty Guide to Addressing Disruptive and Dangerous Behavior
A Guide to Leadership and Management in Higher Education
A Staff Guide to Addressing Disruptive and  Dangerous Behavior on Campus
Harm to Others
The Prevention and Management of Mental Health Emergencies
Uprooting Sexual Violence
The Assessment of BITs

Our Team

Jeff Solomon

Jeff Solomon

National Director of Safety

Chris Brown

Christopher Brown

Affiliated Consultant

Celeste Elsey

Celeste Elsey, MA

Affiliated Consultant

Amy Murphy

Amy Murphy, PhD

Affiliated Consultant

Robert Scholz

Robert Scholz, MA

Affiliated Consultant

Joseph Baker

Joseph Baker

Marketing and Production

Brian Van Brunt

Brian Van Brunt, EdD

Creative Director

David Denino

David Denino, LPC, NCC

Affiliated Consultant

Dr. Tammy Hodo

Tammy Hodo, PhD

Affiliated Consultant

Lisa Pescara-Kovach

Lisa Pescara-Kovach, PhD

Affiliated Consultant

Karen Humphrey Sullins

Karen Humphrey Sullins, MS, LPC, NCC

Affiliated Consultant

Bethany Smith Van Brunt

Bethany Smith

Chief Technology Officer

Nina Delgadillo

Nina Delgadillo

Assistant Deputy Director of Safety

Chief Joseph Dooley

Joseph Dooley

Affiliated Consultant

Brendan Keats

Brendan "Airwolf" Keats

Affiliated Consultant

TIm Riecker

Timothy M. Riecker, CEDP

Affiliated Consultant

Jacques Whitfield

Jacques Whitfield, JD

Affiliated Consultant

Amy Troxel

Amy Troxèl

Customer Relations & Development

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