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Educational Alternative
Resolution Services (EARS)

A young man video conferencing
a young African American woman wearing headphones during a video conference
A laptop screen showing four people video conferencing
Student having online videocall meeting
Woman using a laptop for an online meeting

As part of our commitment to the alternative resolution process, our staff continuously looks for ways to improve the work we do.  The answers you provide below will be kept anonymous and used to improve the services we offer. If you have direct feedback on the work and would like a direct response, you may contact any of the staff below.

Bethany Smith

Chief Operations Officer

DPrep Safety

Belinda Guthrie

Assistant Vice President for Institutional Equity

Jeffery Schneider

Acting Faculty Director of Affirmative Action

Which best describes your role in the case?
Which category describes the nature of your case?

1 = strongly disagree   |   2 = disagree    |    3 = neutral     |     4 = agree   |    5 = strongly agree

The staff I worked with spent time listening to my description of what happened.

I was contacted quickly regarding the case.

The alternative resolution process was explained well and the staff answered the questions that I had about the process.

I felt supported by the staff who listened to me share my narrative.

I felt the staff treated all parties involved in the case with impartiality and fairness.

When scheduling a time to talk, the staff were responsive to my needs and offered times that worked with my schedule.

Staff were responsive to my emails and messages.

I was able to express my concerns and frustration about the matter I was involved with.

The outcome of the case met my expectations.

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