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Needs Assessment Survey

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As part of our commitment to providing the best service for our clients, our staff continuously looks for ways to improve the work we do. The answers you provide below will be kept anonymous and used to improve the services we offer. If you have direct feedback on the work and would like a direct response, you may contact any of the staff below.

Bethany Smith

Director of Safety

Brian Van Brunt

Director of Behavior and Threat Management

1 = strongly disagree   |   2 = disagree    |    3 = neutral     |     4 = agree   |    5 = strongly agree

The process was explained well and the staff answered the questions that I had about the process.

I felt supported by the staff who listened to me share my narrative.

I felt the staff heard and understood my concerns.

I had sufficient time with the staff to share my thoughts and concerns.

Based on this experience, I feel more positive about the future of the team.

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