A stormy sea

Calming the Storm: 
Addressing Disruptive and Dangerous Behavior

August 23, 2022 | 2:00 – 3:30 ET

We’ve all been there. On the front lines. Someone is yelling at us or those we work with. We are hit with disruptive and entitled behavior, mental illness crises, threats of violence, demands to speak to the supervisor, frustration at office or school policy, stress, fear, and anger exacerbated by COVID.

Join Dr. Van Brunt and Jeff Solomon as they draw from concepts in psychology, law enforcement, teaching, and customer services to review common difficulties that occur in the classroom and with front-line positions. Learn new approaches to address the behavior through preparedness, prevention, culturally competent interventions, and referrals. Whether it is an upset student, parent, community member or even another colleague, learn the best ways to calm the storm of emotion and return to civility.

A microphone in front of a large out-of-focus crowd

Beyond the Press Conference:
Crisis Media Training for Educators

September 22, 2022 | 2:00 – 3:30 ET

Typically, most public education institutions have a press or public information Officer – PIO, or a communication officer. This person usually has a relatively small staff (if any) and is in charge of all of the media releases and press contacts conducted by the department, agency, or school. Sometimes this person is augmented by a designated relief person, but this main PIO, for the most part, handles all daily public information and media issues.

The system works very well for almost all of our contacts with the media. However, it becomes totally inadequate to handle crisis media relations. When a crisis or significant event has occurred such as a fatality or pandemic in your agency, school, or company, all the rules of usual contact with the press seem to change; and we need to go to a configuration that can handle these problems.

In this new 24-hour crisis time of rapid-fire hurried media communication, the typical person handling public information during a major incident can drown very quickly in a sea of media problems. When a crisis occurs in your organization, you need to go into a specific expanded format to handle these media problems. In a time of crisis, the format for media relations must change to handle the following three issues:

  • Press briefings times 100

  • VIP Tours

  • Manning an Information Room

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A waving red flag

Moving Beyond
the Red Flags: 

Overcoming Obstacles
and Managing Threat

June 21, 2022 | 2:00 – 3:30 ET

We know the red flags.
Now we need to work collaboratively to manage the threat

and to stop the progression from idea to violent action.

Join Jeff Solomon and Dr. Brian Van Brunt as they present a coordinated approach to moving beyond the red flags and toward management and intervention with a clear, research-based approach to the mitigation of threat and violence. The prevention of mass shootings is a complicated, multi-faceted problem that requires a team approach, not a siloed one.

Included with the program:

  • Access to a live event hosted by D-Prep on June 21 from 2:00–3:30

  • The ability to schedule a 30-minute Q&A with either of the event presenters

  • Access to a copy of the slides from the event, an audio recording of the event, and a video recording of the event with closed captioning

  • A supplemental guide that dives deeper into topics covered by the event

  • A resource sheet outlining various assessment and risk management approaches

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Law Enforcement

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