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A young man being interviewed

Threat Assessment, Interviewing and Report Writing

Learning to complete a threat and violence risk assessment is like learning to play chess. The foundational concepts are fairly easy to teach and understand, but obtaining mastery comes with on-going study, guidance, and experience. This course is designed to provide BIT/CARE team members working in a K-12 school, college/university or workplace setting the skills they need to understand the terminology and process of violence risk and threat assessment, practical guidance regarding interviewing skills to obtain information from the person being assessed and direction on how to write a report in a way that provides useful and accessible guidance to the referral source.

D-Prep Safety brings together a team of diverse faculty to tackle this course from the perspectives of counseling, law enforcement, conduct, DEI, title IX and human resources to provide an intersectional perspective that draws from the best research and practice in each of these fields. The multi-disciplinary approach to threat assessment is a best practice supported by the leading governmental organizations and subject matter experts in the field.

More details on our BIT/CARE Page.

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