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Three children wearing masks in line outside a school

Parenting in the Storm: Helping Our Kids Through the Pandemic

Let’s face it, things haven’t been easy during the COVID-19 pandemic. Most of us have experienced financial hardships, fear and worry about an uncertain future and struggles to keep up with the pace of school and work during a time of intense pressure and uncertainty. This workshop will address the stress, challenges and difficulties faced by parents and students during the pandemic and offer some practical advice and solutions. We will address the challenges facing us all, with a specific attention to the unique challenges of raising a child in today’s pandemic landscape.

  • An awareness of how elementary, middle, and high school children react to chronic stress, financial tensions, and academic and career uncertainty

  • Clear and practical advice on what helps (and what doesn’t)

  • Guidance on what to look for in terms of more serious concerns such as acting out, aggressive behavior and suicide

  • A review of how people have experienced the pandemic differently when it comes to issues of culture, privilege, and access to services (such as transportation, food, shelter, and medical care)

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