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The exterior of an apartment building

Community Advocacy and Support Teams (CAST)

D-Prep offers a Community Advocacy and Support Team (CAST) training program to help support the needs of housing professionals as they address a range of issues including frustrations around housing shortages, tenant/landlord disputes, violence and threats, and the mental illness needs of residents living in public housing. This course should be attended by housing authority staff in contact with tenants and those in supervisory relationships with property management.

The CAST model focuses on the collaborative, multi-disciplinary process of identifying and mitigating risk in a culturally competent, timely and effective manner. Building from direct feedback from housing authority directors and staff, this course offers a way to consistently manage and document a clear process to address the needs in the community. The training provides access to Pathways and DarkFox (D-Prep’s behavioral intervention expert systems) to analyze risk and mitigate bias in decision-making through a lens of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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