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Critical Incident Response Training

This training includes aspects of critical incident response from the initial response, managing the scene, and working with the media. This course is designed to give all responding personnel the ability to work together during large-scale emergency events. Drawing from principals of incident command system, crisis communication and coordinated response, this training  brings together critical concepts from law enforcement, emergency response, psychology, and an all-hazard approach to critical incident response. This page contains supplemental materials for those who have attended the training. Interested in training? Contact

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Creating a Logistics Binder Summary
Creating a Logistics Binder
DHS and Federal Resources for Faith Based Organizations
School Critical Incident Checklist
School Reunification Sample Letter
Emergency Alerts
Key Personnel and NIMS Training for Schools and Higher Education Institutions
NIMS Implementation Activities for Schools and Higher Education Institutions
All Hazards Participant Guide
Prepare Your Pets for Disasters
Be Prepared for a Winter Storm
Adverse Childhood Experiences
How Trauma Impacts the Brain
Adverse Childhood Experiences Questionnaire
Trauma Reactions
Interventions Checklist
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NIMS & ICS Training

The National Incident Management System (NIMS) Training Program identifies those courses critical to train personnel capable of implementing all functions of emergency management. This program establishes the NIMS core curriculum to ensure it adequately trains emergency and incident response personnel to all concepts and principles of each NIMS component. Visit the FEMA website to learn more.


Advanced ICS



Intermediate ICS for Expanding Incidents


ICS100: Introduction to the ICS

ICS200: Basic ICS for Initial Response

IS700: Introduction to NIMS

IS800: Introduction to the National Response System



Brian Van Brunt, EdD

Brian Van Brunt, EdD

Stuart Frisch

Stuart Frisch

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