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A Team Approach to Assessing, Managing, and Mitigating Threat

Law enforcement professionals, in collaboration with community partners such as school counselors and administrators, are tasked with the job of keeping our schools, colleges, and workplaces free of violence and acts of targeted aggression, commonly known as mass shootings. This course offers a practical approach in the recognition and prevention of violence in schools, colleges, workplaces, and communities. This course is designed to provide the terminology, assessment, and intervention skills needed to identify a threat and develop a community-based collaborative mitigation plan. This page contains supplemental materials for those who have attended the training. Interested in training? Contact

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Risk and Threat Assessment:

Law Enforcement Assessment Checklist
Law Enforcement Intervention Checklist
Intersections Journal
Beyond the Red Flags
Disruptive and Dangerous Guide
Social media basics p1

Emergency Preparedness:

Back to School Safety Preparation
Creating a Logistics Binder

Team Operations:

CARE Audit Tool
The CASE Process
Bias Mitigation
Interventions Checklist

Intake and Interviewing:

Advanced Interview Skills
Interviewing Context
Interviewing Rapport
Safety in the Title IX Environment

Case Studies:

Uvalde History
Tabletop Exercises
Uvalde Pathways
Case Study One
Uvalde DarkFox
Case Study Two
Uvalde Report
Case Study Three

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