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Active Shooter Response for Educators:
Violent Intruder Training

Thursday, August 25, 2022

In-Person in McKinney, TX and Simulcast Live Online

This day-long (8-hour) certification course for all K12 school, college, and university staff will focus on the importance of establishing prevention-based active shooter programs, emphasizing preventing the act of violence before it occurs as well as providing lifesaving mitigation efforts during an attack. Past acts of violence in classroom environments and current strategies and policies will be reviewed to build a comprehensive active shooter program—providing techniques that will aid in reducing the risk and the anxiety/fear of staff.


Participants will learn the importance of the threat assessment processes in addition to learning approaches on effective best practices to consider during an active shooter incident. Participants will be provided with common emergency terminology used to ensure that “we are all on the same page” during a critical incident— both internally with staff/students and externally with first responders; approaches on student management during an event; and how to effectively communicate during a critical incident. 


We will also discuss common legal “roadblocks” such as the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) as to reporting students of concern and the sharing information.

Protecting the Flock:
House of Worship Security Training

Friday, August 26, 2022

In-Person in McKinney, TX and Simulcast Live Online

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Peace be within your walls and security within your towers ~ Psalm 122:7


  • Should we have armed guards/law enforcement?

  • How do we determine who to allow in the door and who to hold back from entry?

  • What physical security measures should be in place?

  • Should we arm volunteers?


This day-long (8-hour) training will provide you with a layered security approach to keeping congregants safe. From physical security assessments to behavioral threat indicators, have your church leadership, security team, greeters and ushers trained in the best practices. Learn the importance of prevention and how to better respond to active threats. Including concepts from law enforcement, psychology and threat assessment, this training offers a wide range of content useful for the new and seasoned teams alike. This training will improve church leadership’s knowledge of security to better vet security measures, policies, and practices to keep the church community safe.