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Threat Assessment Certification

D-Prep Safety works with schools, workplaces, colleges, and universities who desire to put their team through a tailored experience of working through a number of cases to receive a certification in threat assessment for their team. Cases are developed within general topic (e.g., mental illness, low level threat, outsider threat, relationship violence) and are tailored for the specific team working the case. For example, if the community a workplace, the threat will demonstrate a workplace scenario. If the location is middle school or a community, non-residential college, then that will be included in the case details.

Certification is offered through a process wherein the team is given a case with two weeks lead time to create a triage assessment of risk, score the case with a VRA process (e.g., HCR-20, Darkfox, SIVRA-35, WAVR-21, MOSAIC, etc.) and generate a final threat report including mitigation planning that will be submitted to our subject matter experts. The case will be scored on a rubric and discussed during the 90-minute zoom discussion.

More details at Threat Page

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