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How To Prepare For Disasters and Emergencies

Disaster and emergency preparedness has become a topic of discussion throughout the country due to the increased number of disasters and emergencies that have occurred within the past year. These events include natural disasters like floods, hurricanes, wildfires, power outages, thunderstorms and lightning, and man-made events, like mass shootings and terror attacks. This course will provide guidance on how to prepare your staff and families prior to the occurrence of such events.

There are many types of disasters and hazards/emergencies. It is important to identify what your risk is depending upon the possibility of the event and what your vulnerability is to the event. We will identify and discuss various hazards, vulnerabilities, and risks.

As you prepare for disasters, it is important to:

- Know Your Risks – Your geographic location may have different reoccurring disaster events; know how and when to take action and where to obtain current information on the risk(s).

- Make a Plan – Create a communications plan for your staff and family, prepare for evacuating and sheltering.

- Take Action – Put your plan in action, be ready and able to face disasters, practice your disaster plans and identify existing alerts and warning systems.

Discussions will also include:

- Skills to assess the situation quickly, taking effective action to protect yourself and others

- Preparedness training and volunteer programs

- Creating a disaster preparedness toolkit of supplies and emergency funds

- Decreasing potential impacts of hazards

- Preparation of a disaster plan and response plan that you practice

The time to prepare is prior to a disaster or emergency. “Basic protective actions” taken before, during and after a disaster or crisis/emergency event will enhance your ability to stay safe and help yourself and others to recover from the event. We will discuss these protective actions.

This course will be provided by experienced and knowledgeable instructors and is designed to provide you with preparedness information and materials to assist you, your staff and families to prepare for various disasters.

Be Informed, Be Prepared, Be Ready!

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