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A collection of disaster supplies

Disaster Preparedness for Critical Staff & Their Families

There is no telling when a disaster such as an earthquake will strike, so the time to get everybody ready is right now. This three-hour course is designed for first responders (law enforcement, fire, medical), public employees (school officials, public utilities, hospital workers) critical businesses and their families to prepare for a disaster.

What supplies have you acquired? What training have you and your family done? What procedures have you put into place to ensure the survival of your significant others while you are at work? Can your family shut of the gas main and or water main? Do they have the tools and training to do so? If all the phones are out, where is your family's message center to get back in touch and where is the rally point out of the area that they all know how to get to?

How long can your public agency or private business operate before it needs re-supply of basic items it needs to operate along with gasoline, batteries, diesel fuel for generators, flares, etc.?  If your building or facility is unusable, destroyed, or condemned, where is your fallback location to resume work?

Do you have all of your personal and business files backed up properly on a weekly basis and dispersed to at least two other locations; so that if you were given a new computer, you could get back into business immediately?

Everything that we discuss in this course needs to be put into effect by everyone in your family from your 13-year-old schoolchild to your 84 year-old mother-in-law. Disasters have a way of hitting when you least expect them, so everyone has to know the plan.

Topics include:

  • Preparation at your home, work, vehicle, school

  • Family Rally/Reunification

  • Panic buying

  • Should we stay or should we go

  • Mental health during disasters

  • Water storage

  • Food storage

  • Comfort options (shower/bathroom)

  • Power

  • Communication plan

  • Special needs populations

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