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A fire hose and extinguisher

A Review of Comprehensive School Site Safety Plans

Comprehensive School Site Safety Plans (CSSP) are designed to plan and develop strategies aimed at addressing various aspects of school safety on K-12 campuses. These plans vary state by state and mandates regarding their content and enforcement of their compliance may vary as well. In addition, these plans can be subject to annual review and changes to content required. CSSPs are created to include topics such as physical and social climate, child abuse and neglect reporting procedures, disaster procedures, routine and emergency plans for various incidents, required safety drills, school building disaster plans, discrimination and harassment policies, anti-bullying policies and procedures, risk assessment, safe routes to schools, reunification procedures, and more.

Your experienced presenter will walk you through the development of a sound plan, a plan that meets and exceeds state mandated requirements, and will provide examples of how building your plan in collaboration with internal and external stakeholders will be essential to the success of the implementation and acceptance of the CSSP. Your presenter will also discuss legal considerations of the CSSP and how your plan can potentially mitigate risk when an incident occurs on a campus.

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