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We are providing three-months access for you to review the tools. If you are interested in these or any of our trainings, contact

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June 20, 2024

Free! The Sky is Falling: Preparing for Weather Emergencies

A collage of photos of the sky in different weather state

July 18, 2024

Free! Jedi Mind Tricks: From Verbal Judo to Crucial Conversations

A teacher talking to a student in an otherwise empty classroom

June 26, 2024

Free! Assessing and Mitigating Threat on Social Media

A close up of someone typing on a cell phone

July 31, 2024

Free! Physical Safety and Security in the Workplace

An overhead view of people walking through key card turnstiles in an office building
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Training Opportunities

Threat Assessment Certification Course
School Safety Series Flyer

Violence Risk and Threat Assessment Certification


Join Dr. Brian Van Brunt for a five-part, live, online certification series addressing violence risk and threat assessment in workplaces, schools, colleges, and universities. These classes will be offered from 10 am –12 pm PT on Mondays in July. 

Classes will use new case studies to teach core concepts and allow time for interactive discussion and reflection. These case studies will address universal threat assessment concepts and will be drawn from workplace, K-12, and college settings. Supplemental resources, including research articles, checklists, informational one-sheets, discussion questions, and training exercises, will be provided.

A street sign reading Are You Ready?

All Hazard Emergency Response

Providing the tools to
enable administrators,
students, and staff to
manage a wide variety of
emergency situations.

A man in a boat surrounded by sharks



Offering practical advice
to better prepare all
school staff to respond to
situations where a person is escalating towards violence.

A woman riding a bicycle while looking at her phone



Bringing the principles of
situational awareness into
the hands of your school
community, giving them the 
skills needed to stay safe.

These 90-minute courses are designed for school resource officers to teach to their communities. Each course includes the PowerPoint deck, an instructor's guide, a comprehensive participant guide, and a marketing flyer.

We train officers and communities on a number of topics including:

Missing Student Protocol • Effective Crisis Communication 

Threat and Risk Management • Engage Active Assailant Training

Emergency Response • Mitigating Bias • Criminal vs. Conduct Complaints

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion • Suspicious Packages and Bombs

For more information, visit our Safety Page or contact

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