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On-Site Training Requirements

First, D-Prep Safety extends a hearty “Thank You” for inviting us to your event. We as an organization view an audience’s attention and a host’s hospitality and efforts as important gifts. The purpose of this document is to outline some of our practices and expectations in order to maximize the experience and information for your audience.

Presentations delivered by D-Prep Safety typically contain audio and video segments. While this may stir concern with a hosting organization’s A/V personnel, be assured that D-Prep Safety brings some expertise to presentation delivery and has knowledge of audio and projection systems and vernacular.

The Presentation is in PowerPoint
We use Microsoft PowerPoint on Apple computers to produce and present our presentations. What this means is that we won’t email you a PowerPoint or send you a thumb-drive. Rather, we will bring a computer with appropriate adapters and plug into your house audio and projection system. We can also bring our own audio-visual equipment as well. 

There is another aspect of this. D-Prep Safety presentations are a combination of the spoken word and visual support of what is being said. This means that without the presenter, the PowerPoint file is of no use as a resource. Consequently, we don’t provide a PowerPoint file for inclusion on event CDs, DVDs or Thumb-drives. We can provide a large variety of other, tangible materials for inclusion.

Why We Supply Our Own Computer
Your audience deserves the best experience possible. An unknown computer with unknown capabilities, fonts, operating system, software versions, video players, etc., provides too many variables for predictable presentation delivery. Please do not expect D-Prep Safety presenters to load presentations on your system.

Cabled Video Projection
We bring video out of the Mac either through an adapter to a 15 pin VGA connector or an HDMI cable. These are the most common video setups for projection and are probably what you already have.

Wireless Video Projection
Experience has indicated that wireless projection systems do not support sufficient frame rates for our presentations. Additionally, we will not load foreign drivers, extensions or other software on D-Prep Safety computer systems. Nor will we run foreign software on external thumb drives or other devices.

Electrical Requirements

We need standard 110/120 volt grounded AC electrical power available within 5 feet of the laptop location. We will have an extension cord with us “just in case.”


Optimal Laptop Location
Our first choice is to have A/V connectors terminate at a small table between the audience and the presenter. If that is challenging, then at the lectern as a last resort. If the laptop is confined to an auditorium sound booth, we have experienced issues with our remote controls and assume the host will provide an adequate USB, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth based remote solution.

Audio Reinforcement
We use a number of multimedia segments in our presentations. For larger venues this means that we must be able to plug into the house PA system. Typically, this is accomplished with an 1/8” male stereo plug originating from the house mixer or amplifier. We prefer a stereo signal and need to know in advance if the PA is in mono.

If house A/V is wired to the lectern, then we can set our presentation laptop on the lectern. Most D-Prep Safety presenters prefer a little walking around room so will rarely stand stationary behind the lectern. If there is an alternative to laptop placement available for the event, removing the lectern is absolutely ok with us.

There is a common practice that printing a bunch of little thumbnails of slides next to note lines comprise a handout. We don’t do that. Rather, if appropriate, a resource sheet and a notes page may be provided for duplication and inclusion in your event package.

Lighting is a “you know it when you see it” answer. Our goal is to have sufficient contrast for what is projected. But, our presenters don’t want to be talking in the dark. With a preference for utilizing multimedia clips, high ambient light is usually problematic.

Room Set-Up
We will let you know our preferred room set-up at your event (refer to the Room Set-Up Options PDF). If your facility has limitations on the room set-up, please let us know in advance.

Audience Composition
It’s helpful if you could let us know in advance the composition of the expected audience (students, parents, educators, administrators, law enforcement, emergency management, etc.).

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