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Crucial Conversations on Combatting Antisemitism and Islamophobia

DPrep Safety will be moderating some conversations related to combatting antisemitism and Islamophobia on your campus and how to have healthy and productive conversations about these difficult topics. In preparation for that event, we'd like to ask you to complete this short survey. This survey was created to assess the views of the Mission College community related the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Results will be shared in aggregate form back to the college and will be used to better inform the listening sessions and future conversations.

My primary role at Mission College is:

For the following items, consider your thoughts prior to October 2023. Rate each item on a scale from 1-5, where:

1 = very poor, 2 = poor, 3 = neutral, 4 = good, and 5 = excellent.

The economic situation in Gaza and the West Bank

Food availability in Gaza and the West Bank

Safety and security concerns in Gaza and the West Bank

The economic situation in Israel

Food availability in Israel

Safety and security concerns in Israel

Rate your current feelings regarding the following groups on a scale from 1-5, where:

1 = very unfavorable, 2 = unfavorable, 3 = neither favorable or unfavorable, 4 = favorable, and 5 = very favorable.

Israeli people

Israeli government

Palestinian people

Palestinian Authority/government


Rate the following items on a scale from 1-5, where:

1 = strongly disagree, 2 = disagree, 3 = neither agree nor disagree, 4 = agree,  and 5 = strongly agree.

There is no room for sitting on the fence with the level of violence we are seeing.

Both Palestinians and Israelis have experienced intense grief, anger and loss due to the violence occurring on and since October 7th.

I agree with U.S. policy supporting Israeli actions following the October 7th attack.

I would support a humanitarian pause in fighting.

Given the nature of the attack on October 7, Israel is justified in protecting its people and rescuing any hostages by any means necessary.

Hamas is the natural result of Israeli actions over the past decades.

I believe college students, faculty, and staff have the right to take part in protests and demonstrations to voice their concerns and advocate for change.

I believe the US is too supportive of recent Israeli actions.

Part of the struggle with understanding this conflict is the oppressor/oppressed groups in this conflict are not so neatly divided into oppressor=bad people/oppressed=good people.

I am extremely passionate and invested in my beliefs regarding these issues.

Because of the actions taken by Israel since October 7, I would agree that violent action is justified against those who support Israel.

There is room for a middle ground position for those looking at the current conflict.

Hamas is a terrorist organization, not a legitimate government body.

The recent news stories involving Harvard, Penn, and MIT presidents’ perceived failure to denounce antisemitism is an example of how widespread antisemitic actions are.

I am not sure what the best outcome is here. I don’t see a middle ground.

Please provide your understanding of the meaning of the following.

Your Facilitators

Brian Van Brunt, EdD

Brian Van Brunt, EdD

Director of Behavior & Threat Management

Brian Van Brunt, EdD, is the Director of Behavior and Threat Management for D-Prep Safety. Author of over a dozen books, Brian has spent time as a child and family therapist, university professor, assistant deputy director of training at Secure Community Network, partner at TNG, and president of the National Association for Behavioral Intervention and Threat Assessment (NABITA). He is an internationally recognized expert in behavioral intervention, threat assessment, mental illness, crisis preparedness and response, and instructional design. Brian has provided consulting services to schools, colleges, and universities across the country and abroad on a wide variety of topics related to student mental health, counseling, campus violence, and behavioral intervention.
Jacques Whitfield, JD
Jacques Whitfield, JD, is a seasoned human resources executive with over 25 years of experience in human resources management. Jacques recently completed a six year tenure as the chief human resources officer for the Yuba Community College District. Jacques was responsible for the management and oversight of the human resources operations for the district and is credited with revitalizing and streamlining the human resource operations for the Yuba Community College District. Jacques is a subject matter expert in performance management, employee engagement and state and federal EEO compliance matters. He is highly accomplished in successfully working with others to develop professional skills and improve employee effectiveness through training and development. Jacques is a frequent speaker, trainer and presenter.
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