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Safety Division Courses and Workshops
Houses of Worship

Each of our offerings can customized to your institution and your specific training needs. Most can be offered in person, live online, or as asynchronous courses.

All Hazard Emergency Response

Large-scale emergency incidents and disasters can occur anywhere. When they do, being prepared ahead of time is one of the most important factors in a successful response. This workshop will provide the tools to enable administrators, students, faculty, and staff to manage a wide variety of emergency situations.

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Effective Crisis Communication Strategy

The purpose of strategic crisis communication is to lay the groundwork necessary for organizations to respond effectively in a crisis or significant event. While communications delivered in daily situations is important, it is critical to understand the difference between daily communication practices and a crisis communication strategy.

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How To Prepare For Disasters and Emergencies

Disaster and emergency preparedness has become a topic of discussion throughout the country due to the increased number of disasters and emergencies that have occurred within the past year. These events include natural disasters like floods, hurricanes, wildfires, power outages, thunderstorms and lightning, and man-made events, like mass shootings and terror attacks. This course will provide guidance on how to prepare your staff and families prior to the occurrence of such events.

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Protecting the Flock: Safety and Security for Communities of Faith

Join Retired ATF Senior Special Agent Nina Delgadillo and behavioral threat expert Dr. Brian Van Brunt as they share with you a layered security approach to keeping congregants safe. Houses of worship present a target to those planning violence against certain ideologies and communities and we have a duty to prepare to respond to these dangers.

Situational Awareness

Attending to potential safety and security concerns in the community, workplaces, and schools is the best way to get out ahead in front of violence, crime, assault, threat, and danger. This practical and engaging workshop brings the principles of situational awareness into the hands of participants, giving them the skills needed to stay safe.

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