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Student Reunification and How It Works

One of the most important aspects of school crisis preparedness is the process of reunification, the process of parents and students safely reuniting following a school emergency. These emergencies can include fire, natural disaster, chemical spill, gas leak or other hazardous events, and violent intruder/active shooter events. The need to safely evacuate and then reunite students with their parents or legal guardians is a top priority. This process can be overwhelming if staff are untrained or poorly trained to handle the process.

There are a number of factors that may also make the reunification process stressful, they may include:

- Lack of training

- Lack of practice

- Type of emergency, size of emergency

- Response to emergency, community involvement

- Lack of prior collaboration with first responders

- Lack of crisis communication plan

- Parent response

- Media response- Traffic challenges

Our experienced instructors will provide you with tools and training to lead you through a reunification process to include how to engage with first responders, parents and the community.

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