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A fire hose and extinguisher

State Mandated Comprehensive School Site Safety Plan Training

State and federal law mandates that each school district and school site is responsible for the overall writing and development of comprehensive school safety plans for schools operating kindergarten and any of grades 1 to 12. DPREP, LLC will come to your school site and complete your school site safety plans.

Our comprehensive school site safety plans include: school site survey and report, comprehensive school site safety plan, emergency procedures manual, school site inventory, and an emergency wall flip chart.

Topics covered include:

  • Rally, relocation and reunification areas

  • Rules and principles of good media relations

  • Pre-planning a critical incident response

  • The four part critical incident response plan

  • Major threats to schools and the procedures for each tactical response

  • Review of your plan

  • Creation of a logistics resource book

  • Designing your emergency response

  • The school emergency box

  • Your personal, family, and school preparedness for emergency events

  • Practical exercises

Most state laws require plans to be updated annually

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