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Bomb Threats and Suspicious Packages: Preparedness and Response

Bomb threats are primarily designed to cause fear and disruption. These threats can have a psychological impact and create an operational impact such as draining the resources of law enforcement and other first responders. While the vast majority of bomb threats are hoaxes, it is important to address each threat seriously with a prepared response. Your ability to assess the threat and determine what your response will be is the key to avoiding panic and confusion and can prevent the loss of lives and property.

Having clear and consistent policy and training to respond to an emergency places faculty and staff in the best position to respond quickly, safely, and efficiently in times of crisis. While encountering an actual device is extraordinarily rare, being prepared to respond to a bomb threat or discovered suspicious package is an essential training element for all those working in a school, college, or workplace.

This training is designed for school resource officers, campus safety officer, and directors of safety and will provide you with tools that will help you to maintain a calm and coordinated response to an otherwise stressful incident. By managing these types of threats effectively, you will build confidence and instill a stronger sense of security amongst your staff, students, and community.

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