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MD AHEAD/MD BIT Affinity Conference

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Join this informative and interactive panel discussion as we discuss the importance of disability topics as they intersect with BIT/CARE and threat team functions. Data shows that over 75% of cases that come to our teams have some connection to disability and accommodation needs for our students. How do our teams address referrals that need disability intake and assessment? How should our interview and intervention techniques shift to consider challenges related to physical and mental illness-based needs? What team members are best able to address these issues with students, and how do we ensure our policies and procedures related to issues of suicidality, depression, classroom disruption, and neurodiversity are informed and based on best practices?

Neurodivergence and autism spectrum disorder (ASD) present some unique elements that will adjust our practice related to intake, assessment, analysis of risk, and development of risk mitigation planning. Join Dr. Brian Van Brunt, Jeanne Clifton, and Dr. Poppy Fitch as they share their insights and guidance related to trauma-informed interviewing and potential opportunities and pitfalls to avoid in each practice area. The discussion will include person/identify first labels, hidden and visible disability, avoiding assumptions, and developing awareness and competency in these areas of practice.

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Adverse Childhood Experiences
Adverse Childhood Experiences Questionnaire
How Trauma Impacts the Brain
Trauma Reactions
Bias Mitigation

In recent months, protests and encampments have risen on campuses across the nation related to the Palestinian/Israeli conflict. Understanding the importance of free speech and how the BIT/CARE team addresses these issues is a growing area of discussion and tension on college campuses. Students with disabilities often find themselves involved with First Amendment issues. Understanding the role of local student conduct, off-campus legal and criminal laws, and impacts on their studies and reasonable accommodations have been flashpoints around the nation. This interactive discussion will be led by Drs. Amy Murphy, Jessica Gasbarro, and Brian Van Brunt as they shed light on the importance of preparedness, due process, and the application of a fair and equitable practice for all those involved.

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Our apologies for the video quality from the morning session. We had some difficulty with zoom recording had to complete a screen recording instead.  The afternoon videos have a higher quality.

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We are providing three-months access for you to review the tools. If you are interested in these or any of our trainings, contact

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InterACTT is a collaborative group of like-minded professionals working to make your everyday work easier and more efficient. Our goal is to support your day-to-day work in counseling, disability services, student conduct, law enforcement, CARE and threat teams, and diversity, equity and inclusion.

InterACTT's low-cost subscriptions include tools and training materials to bring your team inline with national best practices. Visit our website of contact for more information.


Brian Van Brunt, EdD

Brian Van Brunt, EdD

Director of Behavior & Threat Management

Jeanne Clifton

Jeanne Clifton

Salem State University

Poppy Fitch, PhD

Poppy Fitch, PhD

San Diego Community College District

Jessica Gasbarro, JD

Jessica Gasbarro

Vassar College

Amy Murphy, PhD

Amy Murphy, PhD

Angelo State University


June 20, 2024

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Threat Assessment Certification Course

Violence Risk and Threat Assessment Certification


Join Dr. Brian Van Brunt for a five-part, live, online certification series addressing violence risk and threat assessment in workplaces, schools, colleges, and universities. These classes will be offered from 10 am –12 pm PT on Mondays in July. 

Classes will use new case studies to teach core concepts and allow time for interactive discussion and reflection. These case studies will address universal threat assessment concepts and will be drawn from workplace, K-12, and college settings. Supplemental resources, including research articles, checklists, informational one-sheets, discussion questions, and training exercises, will be provided.

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